Fire Alarm Services in Houston.

Fire Alarm Houston has experienced consultants available to meet with you on a personal basis, at no extra charge, to design and install a fire alarm system with multiple devices to meet your needs. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. 

Fire Alarm Houston has technicians with the proficiency and years of experience to install, service, support, and maintain your fire alarm system. We offer maintenance agreements as well as annual inspections per state and local codes.

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Your fire alarm system may look like it’s fully operational. You can’t tell if a system is working properly just by looking at it. That means you may not know how it will function until an emergency occurs.That might be too late. With Fire Alarm Houston’s fire alarm system testing and inspection program, you can be sure your system will provide the protection your building requires and your occupants expect.

Our service covers all fire alarm control equipment and alarm devices, including pull stationssmoke detectors, duct detectors, heat detectorshorns, speakers andAudio evacuation systems

Plus all interconnections to elevators, pressurization fans, electronic door releases and shutdowns of A/C equipment. Beyond testing and inspection, we will provide preventive maintenance to expose problems before they result in system failures. In the process, we can help reduce costly false alarms and help you comply with fire codes. 

As a customer you can expect: 

1) Comprehensive Testing to Detect Malfunctions
2) Testing of all alarm devices for 
   functionality or damage.
3) System performance evaluation.
4) Cleaning as recommended by the manufacturer 
   for dirty detectors.
5) Thorough detailed documentation confirming 
   test completion and results.
6) Service performed by factory-trained 
   technicians using specialized instrumentation

Why It Matters: 
It could cost you thousands of dollars in damages if your system is not functioning properly. Make sure this does not happen to you by calling Fire Alarm Houston to inspect and determine your risk. 

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