Addressable Fire Alarm Panel in Houston

Why Choose Fire Alarm Houston for your Fire Alarm services?

Fire Alarm Houston is a Honeywell security dealer. We use the most innovative technology to install your Monitor Fire Protection System in Houston, Texas.

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels.
  • MS-9050UD 50-Point Intelligent Control.


Suited for stand-alone applications, the MS-9050UD is ideal for the following: smaller facilities such as apartments, complexes, banks, cinemas, child care and elementary schools, department stores, food stores, places of worship, restaurants, small retail outlet stores; and other facilities requiring performance-based, sophisticated technology at reasonable cost.

MS-9200UDLS 198-Point Intelligent Control.

Built upon the features found in the highly successful MS-9200UD, the new LS model features Fire-Lite's new fast Litespeed™ polling protocol. Not only does it poll 10 devices at a time, it permits the use of standard unshielded fire wire. The MS-9200UDLS is ideal for commercial, industrial, manufacturing, office buildings, schools, strip malls and other facilities requiring performance-based, sophisticated technology at a reasonable cost. 

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Addressable Photoelectric Smoke Detectors

Fire-Lite's SD355 and SD355T addressable, low-profile plug-in photoelectric detectors use a state of the art photoelectric sensing chamber with communications to provide open area protection and are used exclusively with the MS-9050UD, MS-9200UDLS, and MS-9600 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels. The SD355T adds thermal sensors that will alarm at a fixed temperature of 135F (57C).

Intelligent Addressable Ionization Smoke Detectors

Fire-Lite's CP355 addressable, low-profile, plug-in ionization detector uses a state-of-the-art ionization sensing chamber to provide open-area protection and is used exclusively with Fire-Lite’s MS-9050UD, MS-9200UDLS, and MS-9600 addressable fire alarm control panels. The ionization detector is used to sense products of combustion and report the measured level of such product to the panel.

Smoke Detectors
Smoke Detectors