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Fire Alarm Monitoring: An Extra Set of Eyes against Fires

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A fire in the night is extremely dangerous since no one is watching your home while you sleep. Before you know it, the fire may be well on its way to gutting a major portion of your house or the carbon monoxide could have already built up to dangerous levels. This is precisely the reason why you need to subscribe to a fire alarm monitoring service like Fire Alarm Houston.

Fire alarm monitoring services operate via a network of fire alarms set up in different homes which are ultimately connected to a local central monitoring station. These central monitoring stations are manned by a team of operators who actively monitor the signals coming from homes. Once fire or smoke triggers an alarm, the signals will alert the operators. The team will then coordinate with the appropriate local fire protection agency and direct them to the affected home.

What is great about these monitoring services is that they do not just offer security from fires. They also monitor burglar alarm alerts or emergency services requests. Burglar alarms can be connected to the local central monitoring stations. There are sophisticated fire alarm consoles which have buttons for emergency health services. A senior citizen who is living alone can press the button if she or he feels a heart attack or health concern is coming up. The monitoring team will then alert the authorities and request for an immediate response.

In order to retain competitive and excellent services among competing fire alarm monitoring companies, an independent security services consultant called Underwriters Laboratories (UL) inspects and certifies central monitoring stations in the US. UL releases its list of standards that monitoring service companies need to comply with in order to receive their UL certification. This independent company performs inspections on every central station every year to maintain a high degree of service in the industry.

In case you need a fire monitoring service in the Houston area and the Fort Bend and Harris Counties, you can count on Fire Alarm Houston to watch your back. Fire Alarm Houston is a Alif Security company which has been operating in Texas since 2000. Our company has been providing fire alarm services to schools, buildings, commercial establishments and factories throughout our 15 years in business. We also offer the following services:

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