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Fire Alarm Services in Stafford, TX

Fire Alarm Houston, a Alif Security company, has been serving Texas since 2000. We provide full-service fire alarm systems to the churches, schools, day care centers, dental and vision centers, retail shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and motels in the greater Houston area and in the state of Texas. We also monitor Fire Alarm Systems and sprinkler systems in your Stafford and nearly areas.

At Fire Alarm Houston, we are qualified to install, service, test and monitor the fire alarm systems we design. By working with us for your commercial fire alarm needs, you will know that only highly trained professionals are handling your fire alarm system.

Fire alarm system installation, inspection, or repair services in Stafford, TX

Fire alarm system is your first response system for helping you and the people in your residential or commercial building escape safely and quickly from an emergency situation.

We want to make sure your building in Stafford, Texas is always kept safe from fire danger. We provide fire protection services throughout the area, including:

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  • Stafford, TX | September 09, 2020

Bari has been very helpful and responsive throughout the project. We did have some difficulties during the inspection, which did not pass the first time. We also had some problems with the alarm going off during the day and night times even though there was no fire or smoke. The tech came back out to check on the problem and the system has been operating fine since then.

Completed Jobs from Stafford

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March 29, 2024 | Stafford, TX

To address the customer's needs, we provided a range of solutions to ensure the safety and compliance of Fresh Mart's fire alarm system. We began by servicing the waterflow issue and setting up and configuring the radio system. Additionally, we repaired the kitchen hood connection to ensure proper functionality. During the annual inspection, we passed the system and updated the blue tag on the fire alarm control panel (FACP). To enhance communication capabilities, we installed a NAPCO StarLink Fire communicator and a NAPCO radio communicator for the fire alarm panel. To address specific issues, we installed a mini monitor module and replaced the addressable heat detector with a new one. Furthermore, we identified that the Ansul system needed fixing to ensure proper opening for the switch. By providing these solutions and services, we helped Fresh Mart maintain a safe and compliant fire alarm system in their commercial space in Stafford, TX, ensuring the ongoing protection of their establishment and the safety of their occupants.

July 11, 2023 | Stafford, TX

Fire Alarm System Installation: Fire Alarm Houston offered professional installation services for the fire alarm system in the customer's commercial building. They ensured that the system was installed properly and met the necessary safety requirements. Fire Alarm Equipment: Fire Alarm Houston supplied the necessary fire alarm equipment for the customer's commercial building. This included fire alarm control panels, smoke detectors, heat detectors, strobe lights, and other essential components. System Design and Configuration: Fire Alarm Houston designed and configured the fire alarm system to suit the specific needs of the customer's commercial building. They considered factors such as the building layout, occupancy type, and local fire safety regulations to ensure an effective and compliant system. System Testing and Commissioning: Fire Alarm Houston conducted thorough testing and commissioning of the fire alarm system to ensure its proper functioning. This involved checking sensor sensitivity, alarm notification devices, and system integration with other safety measures. Training and Support: Fire Alarm Houston provided training on the operation and maintenance of the fire alarm system to the customer's staff. They also offered ongoing support and assistance for any issues or questions that arose after the installation. By contacting Fire Alarm Houston, the customer was able to obtain a comprehensive fire alarm system solution tailored to their commercial building's requirements.

November 10, 2015 | STAFFORD, TX

State of the art automatic Notification and Initiation devices supported by the latest control panel with cellular back up ensures fire safety through instant notification.

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