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Fire Alarm Houston, a Alif Security company, has been serving Texas since 2000. We provide full-service fire alarm systems to the churches, schools, day care centers, dental and vision centers, retail shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and motels in the greater Houston area and in the state of Texas. We also monitor Fire Alarm Systems and sprinkler systems in your Alvin and nearly areas.

At Fire Alarm Houston, we are qualified to install, service, test and monitor the fire alarm systems we design. By working with us for your commercial fire alarm needs, you will know that only highly trained professionals are handling your fire alarm system.

Fire alarm system installation, inspection, or repair services in Alvin, TX

Fire alarm system is your first response system for helping you and the people in your residential or commercial building escape safely and quickly from an emergency situation.

We want to make sure your building in Alvin, Texas is always kept safe from fire danger. We provide fire protection services throughout the area, including:

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May 16, 2024 | Alvin, TX

To address the customer's needs, we provided a range of solutions for the fire alarm system and monitoring services. Our team began with planning and permitting to ensure compliance with local regulations. We installed multi-candela ceiling mount strobes in white and Gentex horn strobe wall mounts in red to provide clear audio and visual alerts in case of an emergency. We also laid down extensive wiring, including 16/2 red solid plenum fire alarm cable and 18/4 white solid plenum fire alarm cable, each 1000 feet long, to ensure robust connectivity across the system. Accessories were added to support these installations. For communication and monitoring, we installed a Verizon LTE cellular communicator. This was paired with a DMP smoke detector (12 V, LX-BUS, Heat) and a DMP 850S pull station equipped with a 711S module for enhanced detection and response capabilities. Our services included a thorough inspection to verify the proper installation and functionality of the system. We also installed and configured the XF6-100 fire panel to control and monitor all fire alarm components effectively. By providing these solutions, we ensured that The Venue at Bentley Ranch has a reliable fire alarm system and monitoring service, enhancing the safety and security of their event space in Alvin, TX.

December 17, 2020 | Alvin, TX

We went to his adult daycare to get a better understanding of the job site. We did the planning and pulled the fire alarm permit from the City and begun our work. We installed all the UL certified fire alarm devices according to NFPA 72 and local AHJ, and finished the job on time. We did tie in their Ansul system with our fire alarm system. We also called for final fire alarm inspection and passed it without any issues. We are also monitoring his fire alarm system 24/7. We thank Mr. Emmanuel for giving us the opportunity to work for him. Thank You!

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