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Fire Alarm Audio Evacuation Systems in Houston, TX

Fire Alarm Audio Evacuation Systems in Houston TX

If you are looking for fire alarm audio evacuation systems in Houston, TX, Fire Alarm Houston provides this solution for you. Nowadays, a voice system is more effective in evacuating occupants and will get people out of a structure faster in a real fire emergency.

Audio Voice Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm
Fire alarm audio evacuation systems in Houston, TX

Voice EVAC Fire Alarm systems becomes very effective for additional emergency specific communication such as tornados, severe weather, earthquake or hazmat incidences, and a Voice Evacuation systems become invaluable to the basic operation of a facility and the safety of its occupants. It is more necessary to install in your home or office for better security.

If the Fire Marshal is requiring you to have the EVAC Fire Alarm in your facility, give us a call now at 832-626-7837 for a quote or submit your information and we will call you. 

Application Includes

Churches, retail stores, schools, nightclubs, museums, restaurants, libraries. NFPA 101®, the Life Safety Code® mandates voice system for areas of assembly with 300 or more occupancy. It is also required in high rise structures greater than 75’, typically 7 stories or more.

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