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Fire Alarm Houston, a trusted name since 2000, is dedicated to providing comprehensive fire alarm services. We specialize in serving various establishments, including churches, schools, day care centers, dental and vision centers, retail shopping centers, Restaurants, Café, Hospitals, office buildings, hotels, motels, or any other commercial space in the greater Houston area and throughout Texas. Our expertise covers not only installations but also monitoring Fire Alarm Systems and sprinkler systems in Webster and nearby areas.

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At Fire Alarm Houston, our team comprises highly qualified professionals capable of designing, installing, servicing, testing, and monitoring fire alarm systems. When you choose us for your commercial fire alarm needs in Webster, TX, rest assured that only seasoned experts will handle your fire alarm system.

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Whether it's fire alarm system installation, monitoring, inspection, or repair services you require in Webster, TX, we are your trusted partners. Your fire alarm system is your first line of defense during emergencies, ensuring a safe and swift evacuation from residential or commercial buildings.

Our commitment is to keep your building in Webster, Texas, perpetually safe from fire dangers. Our comprehensive fire protection services cover the entire area, providing you with peace of mind., including:

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January 03, 2024 | Webster, TX

In response to the customer's requirements, we offered a range of services and products to establish a robust fire alarm system for Vida Mariscos Restaurant. The process began with Planning and Permitting, to ensure that the installation met all local fire codes and regulations. We installed Strobe Multi Candela Ceiling Mounts and Selectable Candela Ceiling Horn Strobes in white, which serve as visual and audible alarms in case of fire. A 160 Char LCD Remote Annunciator in a red enclosure was included to display critical information about the system's status. For manual alarm activation, we provided Addressable Pull Stations with Dual Action capabilities, and Micro Input Modules were used to integrate other fire detection devices. Heat Detectors - Fixed Temperature were strategically placed to detect high temperatures indicative of a fire. To protect the system from electrical surges, Surge Protectors were installed. The wiring of the system was done using 18/2 Solid Plenum Fire Cable (Gray), 16/2 Red Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable, and 18/4 White Solid Plenum Fire Alarm Cable – all chosen for their reliability and compliance with fire safety standards. We also provided necessary Accessories for the installation and maintenance of the system. The heart of the system was the 60 Point Addressable Fire Panel, which monitors all connected devices and triggers the alarm in case of fire detection. To ensure seamless communication, we included an M2M Fire Alarm Communicator. Additionally, a Fire Alarm Drawing Box in Red was installed to house the system's blueprints and other important documents. This comprehensive solution was designed to provide maximum safety and compliance, tailored specifically to the needs of a bustling restaurant environment.

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