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Fire Alarm Houston, a Alif Security company, has been serving Texas since 2000. We provide full-service fire alarm systems to the churches, schools, day care centers, dental and vision centers, retail shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and motels in the greater Houston area and in the state of Texas. We also monitor Fire Alarm Systems and sprinkler systems in your and nearly areas.

At Fire Alarm Houston, we are qualified to install, service, test and monitor the fire alarm systems we design. By working with us for your commercial fire alarm needs, you will know that only highly trained professionals are handling your fire alarm system.

Fire alarm system installation, inspection, or repair services in , TX

Fire alarm system is your first response system for helping you and the people in your residential or commercial building escape safely and quickly from an emergency situation.

A reliable fire alarm system is essential for the protection of everyone in your residential or commercial building during emergencies. It helps secure your assets and employees from unexpected fire hazards, significantly reducing potential damage. Our services include advanced fire detection systems, smoke detectors, fire alarm panels, and comprehensive fire alarm monitoring. We also provide expert fire alarm system installation, inspection, and repair services to ensure your safety.

We are committed to keeping your building in Crosby, Texas, safe from fire threats. As one of the leading fire alarm companies, we deliver efficient and reliable fire protection services, ensuring you have access to prompt fire alarm service near you, including:

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If you need home, business, or commercial fire alarm system services in Crosby, Texas, please call 832-626-7837 or contact us today! Whether you are searching for residential fire alarm system installation, fire alarm companies near me, or business fire alarm systems, we are here to meet all your fire safety needs with excellence and professionalism.

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June 14, 2024 | Crosby, TX

To address the needs of Rock of Ages Church, we provided smoke detector replacement services. Specifically, we replaced the existing smoke detectors with new 2W-B smoke detectors. This involved carefully removing the old detectors, installing the new ones, and ensuring they were properly connected and functioning correctly within the church's fire alarm system. By upgrading to the 2W-B smoke detectors, the church enhanced its fire detection capabilities, ensuring a higher level of safety for all occupants.

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