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Fire Alarm Systems for School in Houston, TX

Fire Alarm systems for School in Houston TX

If you are looking for K-12 School fire alarm systems in Houston TX, Fire Alarm Houston can provide the most advanced fire alarm solution for your School. Fire Alarm Houston offers comprehensive 24/7 fire alarm monitoring, installation, service, and inspection for sizes in the greater Houston area.

Fire Alarm Systems for School, College & Educational Institutions

Fire Alarm Houston has a decade and three years of experience providing a complete, custom fire alarm systems that can protect students in all corners of campus. Each of our fire alarm models caters to the specific needs of an institutional facility, so it is with pleasure we offer customized and expert designs for installing fire alarm systems at your school.

You don’t necessarily have to be the quiet one in high school to realize how loud the hallways can get. You know how crowded and chaotic it can become between classes. If your chemistry hall fire breaks, can you be sure that your fire alarm system can cut through the cacophony to alert students to evacuate? Fire Alarm Houston also gives free fire plan drawings to equip members of the school how to promptly and properly react to a fire alarm.

A Alif security company, Fire Alarm Houston has a dedication to being knowledgeable about all the local and federal fire safety codes and regulations to successfully provide A-Z fire protection. Remain abreast of existing laws and regulations in your town to ensure that your daycare or childcare facility remains in full compliance. Fire Alarm Houston is glad to help, so feel free to contact us at any time.

Questions to Ask While Making Sure That Your School Is in Full Compliance with Laws and Regulations in Your Hometown:

General Fire Alarm Related Questions:

  • Are current emergency evacuation routes posted in every classroom, and in public areas, including the library, auditorium, cafeteria and by each elevator?
  • Do the evacuation routes indicate current location and are they oriented to designate the proper direction of travel?
  • Do all exit and emergency lights operate under normal and emergency power?
  • Do all exit doors operate easily from the inside?
  • Are all exit doors free of obstructions?
  • Is a minimum width of six feet maintained in all corridors?
  • Is the building address posted and clearly visible from the street?
School Fire Alarm systems
School Fire Alarm systems

More General Fire Alarm Related Questions:

  • If the school is equipped with an automatic fire sprinkler system, is it being inspected yearly?
  • If the school has an automatic fire sprinkler system, is all storage kept at least a minimum of 18 inches from the ceiling?
  • Are the Fire Department connections unobstructed and accessible?
  • Are areas beneath stairs free of storage and combustible material?
  • Are gas and electrical shutoffs unobstructed and accessible?
  • Are areas under portable buildings clear of combustible material?

Fire Alarm Device Related Questions:

  1. Are all visual devices visible and unobstructed?
  2. Are all smoke detectors and pull stations unobstructed?
  3. Are there smoke detectors located in areas where children nap?
  4. Are all fire lanes clear? Is the red fire lane paint visible and not faded?
  5. Are all fire alarm audio devices audible and unobstructed?
School Fire Alarm systems
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