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Fire Alarm Pull Station in Houston, TX

Fire Alarm Pull Station in Houston TX

If you are looking for fire alarm pull station in Houston, TX, Fire Alarm Houston provides The Fire-Lite BG-12 Series is a cost-effective, feature-packed, non-coded series of manual fire alarm pull stations.

A Fire Alarm manual pull station is an active fire alarm system which is used to initiate the fire alarm. Fire alarm pull stations are the simplest form of user activated the alarm which only requires a person to pull down a handle in order to activate it.

Pull station is an initiation device, anytime there is a fire you utilize the pull station to activate the alarm. Once the alarm is activated a circuit is completed and the circuit locks the handle inactivated position.

Overview of Fire Alarm Pull Station

When the alarm is activated, a signal is sent to the alarm monitoring station. Pull stations are usually located on exit points, but usually, it's placed on locations per the design of the fire plan. To get started today please call 832-626-7837 or simply fill out the form. 

Our Most Popular Models for Manual Pull Stations Include but Not Limited To

The Fire-Lite BG-12 Series is a cost-effective, feature-packed, non-coded series of manual fire alarm pull stations. It was designed to meet multiple applications with the installer and end-user in mind. The BG-12 Series features a variety of models including single- and dual-action versions.

The BG-12 Series provides Fire-Lite's Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACPs), as well as other manufacturer's controls, with a manual alarm initiating input signal.

Its innovative design, durable construction, and multiple mounting options make the BG-12 Series to simple install, maintain, and operate 

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