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Testimonials from Houston and Surrounding Areas

Client testimonials from our great Fire Alarms clients

Houston Memorial Fire Alarm System Testimonial

My name is Robert Santana and I'm the manager at Houston Havana Restaurant. Recently I needed to install my fire alarm system and I was checking the internet. I made a call to Allen with Fire Alarm Houston and the response was super fast. Next day we talked together made the arrangements and next thing was the permit from the city. The whole process was super fast and I'm very happy with the results.

Sugar Land Fire Alarm System Testimonial

Our recent client DDK Kabab & Grill located in Sugar Land, TX called us to install fire alarm at their facility. They chose Fire Alarm Houston over our competitors because of our fast response time and also our competitive pricing. There is a reason why we are the go to guys for all Commercial Fire Alarm Systems here in Houston and surrounding areas.

Fire Alarm Houston a Alif Security company is the most inexpensive Fire Alarm Company in Houston. I have four Day Care Centers, all of them were installed and monitored by Alif Security. - Kids V Care - Jefry, Houston

Commercial Fire Alarm System in Fort Bend County, TX

Alif Security sales person and installers are very knowledgable. Our Church Fire Alarm System was installed and monitored by Alif Security. They are very knowledgable about the Churches requirment to get the permition from the county and inspection. I did not have to worry about anything at all. - Shridi Sai Jalaram, Sugar land, TX.

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