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Signs That an Electrical Fire Might Occur in Your Property

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical fires are fire incidents that involve some type of electrical malfunction or failure. From electronic appliances and lighting fixtures to electrical wiring and transformers, any equipment powered by electricity can experience such failures and cause a fire accident.

The NFPA noted that in 2011, more than 47,700 home structure fires involving some type of electrical equipment malfunction were reported in the United States. These fires took the lives of over 400 people and injured almost 1,600 more. Over $1.4 billion dollars in damage were also directly attributable to these accidents.

Electrical Fires: Risk Factors and Warning Signs

Faulty wiring is the primary cause of electrical fires. Sometimes, defective wiring can result from inferior workmanship, but other times, it’s just because of wear and tear or the old age of a system.

When a circuit is overloaded, strong electrical currents can flow occurs through the wires, causing them to generate heat. If the heat does not dissipate quickly enough and if the wire is surrounded by combustible materials, ignition can eventually occur.

What are the warning signs that an electrical fire might occur? Read the list below and check your system if you are encountering some of these issues. 

  • Flickering lights
  • Recurring problem with circuits breaking and fuses blowing
  • A burning smell or rubbery odor that comes from your wires or appliances
  • Tingling sensation when you touch electrical appliances
  • Discolored wall outlets
  • Disfigured or broken outlets
  • Outlets that emit sparks
  • Outlets and switches that are hot to the touch

All of these are warning signs that something is wrong with your system. Have a professional electrician check your wiring immediately to prevent a possible fire accident. Also make sure that arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) are installed in your home as this is required by the Texas fire code. AFCIs automatically shut off the electricity in your home when a dangerous arcing condition happens, protecting your family and property from costly fire accidents.

Also protect your home with a smart fire alarm and monitoring system that can provide you prompt warning if a fire does occur. To learn more about this, you may get in touch with Fire Alarm Houston by calling 832-626-7837. We serve the city of Houston and surrounding areas in the state of Texas.

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