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Sprinklers Save Lives

Burning fires can cause extensive or permanent damage to structures, materials, and even threaten lives in a matter of minutes. Not only can fire damage physically, but it can be a financial burden as well, depending on the amount of damage it causes. Automatic sprinklers, however, can help save you the financial burden and dramatic damages that come with fires. As a proven fact, sprinklers reduce property loss more than any other fire safety technology.

Automatic sprinkler systems can drastically reduce risks just by having them present in your home or commercial building. Not only will sprinklers contain fires before they spread, they also protect people and property by containing the burning area or even putting the fire out. Sprinklers also have the effect of slowing down a burning fire, giving you some time to evacuate. It is absolutely necessary to have sprinklers present in homes and buildings to reduce the risks of costing lives and fire destruction.

The National Fire Prevention Association is a fire prevention advocate organization that educates people about public safety and the standards and codes you must abide by to maintain safety. The NFPA shares research-based information and even personal stories from victims of dangerous house fires in hopes to save lives and reduce injuries and damage from fires. This video is from and displays a side-by-side test burn proving just how much sprinklers help when a fire begins rapidly burning.

Sprinklers Save Lives

In addition to sprinkler systems, there are other precautions to take in order to maintain safety when a fire could break out at any given moment. Sprinkler systems can help alleviate a spreading fire and ensure you ample time to escape, but they do not guarantee an escape once a fire is present. Fire alarm and detection systems will alert you and anyone in your home or building when a fire is approaching.

Fire Alarm Houston offers various fire alarm systems to help protect your home or commercial building. Our service covers all fire alarm control equipment and alarm devices, including pull stations, smoke detectors, duct detectors, heat detectors, horns, speakers and audio evacuation systems.

These systems help save lives by alerting you before the fire spreads. Let Fire Alarm Houston take care of all your fire safety precautions, give us a call at 832-626-7837 or contact us here to ensure safety in your home or building before a fire breaks out.

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