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What Do You Do When Your Office Building Is on Fire?

A normal day at the office may turn out to be a deadly one if a fire breaks out. That’s why it’s important to be prepared and know what to do in an emergency such as this. Here’s what you should do in case of a fire:

Get out immediately. There’s no sense in trying to stay behind in a burning building. Locate the nearest fire exit and head to it right away. Once you’re out, do not go back and try to save other people inside, especially if you do not have the training or the gear of a firefighter.

Don’t panic. This step is actually harder than it sounds. When a fire breaks out, you can raise your voice to be heard, but don’t start yelling at other people indiscriminately. Just remain calm and help lead fellow employees out of the building. If possible, walk briskly towards the fire escape, instead of running. Running may trigger a stampede that can claim more lives.

Don’t try to haul everything with you. Remember, you can replace material goods but not your life. Trying to bring bulky items with you, such as bags, will only make it harder for you to escape.

Fire in Office
Fire in Office Building

Stick to the ground. It’s not the fire that will actually kill you; smoke inhalation can get you first. And since smoke rises up, it’s best to avoid it as much as possible. So when going out of a burning building and there’s a thick cloud of smoke in your path, cover your nose and mouth, then crawl out.

Behind closed doors? Check for heat first. Say that you’re inside a closed room when a fire breaks out. Check first if the fire is at the door by putting your hand to the doorknob or the door itself. If it’s warm or hot, do not proceed; instead head towards the window and break it open. This can be your secondary escape route. Firefighters may be able to reach you from the window using a ladder, or if you are on the lower floors, you can try and escape through it.

Stop, drop, and roll. Clothes caught fire? Don’t try to run, as your movements may end up literally fanning the flames. Stop walking, drop to the ground, and roll to put out the fire. Alternatively, you can use a wool blanket to put out the flame, as wool is flame retardant.

Of course, nothing beats preparation when it comes to escaping from a fire alive. Hence, it’s important to have the proper alarm systems in place. To have one installed in your Texas building, call Fire Alarm Houston at 832-626-7837 for a free estimate

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