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New Memorial Restaurant Fire Alarm system installed by Fire Alarm Houston 


Customer : Havana Houston

We have installed

  • Fire-Lite, MS-5UD ( Fire Alarm Control Panel) 
  • TG-7 FS ( Cellular Communicator )
  • BG-12 ( Fire Pull Station )
  • 2WB ( Monitored Smoke Detector )
  • SCW ( Fire Strobe ) 
  • PC2W ( Fire Horn Strobe )
We were hired to do the Fire Sprinkler System monitoring. The Fire Sprinkler System has a Water Flow Switch which monitors the Water Pressure, also it has a Tamper Switch, which prevents anyone tampering the Fire Sprinkler System. Fire Alarm Houston monitors the Water Flow Switch and the tamper switch. If the water pressure goes bellow certain PSI, MS-5UD FACP send the signal to the Fire Department. Also, if there is a Fire, MS-5 and the TG-7 FS will send the signal to the Fire Department.
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