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Most Recent Finished Jobs by Fire Alarm Houston

Most Recent Finished Jobs by Fire Alarm Houston

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Salata Medical Center
Houston, TX
May 20, 2019

We responded in timely manner, gave them very competitive pricing for new Fire Alarm system installation and Monitoring service. We provided them the following: 1. Made all necessary documents and design work ready for plan submittal to the City of Houston within a week. 2. Upon approval from the City, we started to install UL certified devices; including Smoke Detectors, Strobes, Horn Strobes, Ansul System and Pull Stations, and Honeywell Fire Panel. 3. Since they have Sprinkler over their, we have to tie it with the Fire Panel. 4. We finished our job in few days, and apply for the final fire inspection with the City of Houston. We got the scheduling, and got approved on the first day. 5. We activated monitoring service the same day. Everything went well and on time. We enjoyed working with Salata Medical Center. They were very helpful and understanding. Thank you!

Our Lady Of Lavang Church.
Houston, TX
March 1, 2019

We, fire alarm Houston replaced their fire alarm system and took over their monitoring services with monthly contract.

Kemah Family Dental
Kemah, TX
January 31, 2019

We gave him an estimate on a timely manner, and he approved it. Since, he mentioned that we have to finish the work ASAP, we just started from the very first day. We provided the following: 1. Made the plans ready within a week and submitted to the City for Approval. 2. Upon approval, we started to install UL approved devices at his Dental office. He had sprinkler system installed, so we had to tie it in with our system. 3. We finished the job on time, and scheduled for Final Inspection with Fire Marshal's office. We got the schedule in few days and got approved by the Fire Marshal on the first day. Everything went well and we got the job done on time.

Katy, TX
January 11, 2019

Instant service provided to Debbie Blatel in Katy. We replacer her existing fire alarm system in her residence.

Thelma Anderson
Houston, TX
January 10, 2019

We have contracted with Thelma Anderson for yearly fire alarm inspection and takeover with Radio monitor system.

hyder mirza
Fountainhead, DR
January 9, 2019

We provided fire monitoring services to Hyder mirza in Fountainhead, DR.

The Seedlings Montessori School
Cypress, TX
January 9, 2019

We gave him an estimate, and he approved it. We did the annual inspection the next day and re-programed his Fire Panel with our system. We are monitoring it now. Everything went well and on time.

Eye Level Learning Center
Sugar Land, TX
January 2, 2019

We responded in a timely manner. We had to vist the job site to give him an estimate. He accepted and approved our estimate. We provided the following solutions to his request. 1. Prepare all the documents for submittal, including drawing plans for Fire Alarm System. 2. We Submitted the plans to Fort Bend County for approval within a week. 3. Upon approval from the County, we started our job. 4. Since Mr.Anuj already had sprinkler system installed, we only installed UL certified notification devices and tied his sprinkler system to his landlord's fire panel. 5. Upon completion of installation; we scheduled for final inspection with Fort Bend Fire Marshal's office. We got the schedule in few days and got approved. We got the job done on time. Mr.Anuj was very happy with our job.

Sugar Land, TX
December 12, 2018

We provided them fire alarm service with radio and burglary services.

Barrera Anselmo
Mission, TX
November 8, 2018

We spoke to him. he is looking for Radio and monitoring service. His contractor put a new fire alarm system and asking for phone lines, which he can not provide. so looking for installing radio and someone to take over their monitoring service. We provided him all the services what he heeds.

Porter, TX
October 18, 2018

We installed new MS5ud Conventional Fire panel, Notification and Initiating devices like: Pull Stations, Smoke Detectors, Horn Strobe and Strobes to their classroom. We are also monitoring their Fire Alarm System.

Jones Memorial
Houston, TX
October 1, 2018

Fire Alarm Houston accepted the job, and gave them estimate. They liked our estimate, and we started the job. Our scope of work included: Installing NFPA approved Fire Lite panel MS9050Ud, Firelite initiative devices: Smoke Detector, Heat detector, Pull Station. Notification Devices: Firelite: Horn Strobe, Strobes. We also did their drawing, Planning for fire permit. Everything went according to our plan and completed the project.

Rober M. Beren Academy
Houston, TX
September 20, 2018

We installed new Fire Lite Fire Alarm system with Evacuation System with Speaker Strobe and Speaker System. This system sends a mass notification to students in case of a Fire. Also, the Fire Marshal or AHJ can speak on the microphone to alert and give direction to the students.

Cotton Patch Cafe
Spring, TX
August 20, 2018

Fire Alarm Houston accepted the project, and completed the project on time. Scope of work included: Planing, submitting the plan to the CITY for Fire Permit. Installing NFPA approved Fire Lite MS9050ud Fire Panel, Addressable Pull Stations, Horn Strobe, Heat Detectors, Strobes and Ansul System. Cotton Patch Cafe is monitored by RAB Security.

June 7, 2018

Fire Alarm Houston installed new approved Fire Lite MS9050ud Fire Panel system. We also installed NFPA approved BG12LX- Addressable Pull Station, SYS-P2R- Addressable Horn Strobe, BK-SW-Addressable Strobe. Radio Cell Communicator for Fire Alarm System were also installed for better and faster communication. Houston Tamil Church is monitored by RAB Security.

March 15, 2018

Fire alarm Houston installed the fire alarm system with a Verizon radio backup and temperature sensor. The system is also equipped with 2 GIG control panel.

Roddy Construction
Houston, TX
March 7, 2018

RAB security configured the fire alarm system with a dedicated power supply, fire horn, heat detector, fire ansul and addressable monitor modules.

Wellcare Senior Center
Missouri city, TX
March 4, 2018

The fire alarm system includes addressable control panel, voice evacuation system, pull station, fire horn, smoke detector and addressable smoke detector.

Busy Beez Daycare
Katy, TX
March 3, 2018

RAB security provided the day care center with a fire alarm system configured with a Honeywell addressable control panel MS-9050UD best fit for small commercial facility. The system included number of pull stations, fire horns with strobe, addressable photo smoke detectors, ceiling mounted smoke & heat detectors and ceiling mounted strobe. RAB security recommended dedicated power & phone line, and an additional phone line to the control panel.

Great Little Minds Academy
Houston, TX
February 26, 2018

The academy facility is equipped with a fire alarm system which includes pull stations, fire horns and smoke detectors. The system is monitored by a centralized panel.

Houston, TX
February 2, 2018

RAB Security installed the fire alarm system which included 2 GIG control panel, color touch monitor, take over conversion kit, motion sensor, door contact, piezo speaker, glass break sensor. The system also included verizon radio system and panic button.

Houston, TX
January 29, 2018

RAB Security conducted the inspection and provided the customer with Honeywell control panel & cellular backup.

January 25, 2018

Upon completion of the inspection RAB security installed the fire alarm system with with Radio, battery back up, strobe and smoke detectors and successfully created another satisfied customer.

Houston, TX
January 19, 2018

The client was provided with a fire alarm system with 2 GIG panel, color touch key pad, door contacts, motion sensors and glass break sensor. The system also included verizon radio.

La Porte, TX
January 15, 2018

Fire Alarm Houston installed the fire alarm system which included a 2 GIG Honeywell control panel, color touch key pad, motion sensor, door sensor and glass break sensor.

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