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Job completed for China Café

Completion date: August 17, 2021

Location: Liberty, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

Mr. Mike from China Café, located in Liberty, TX contacted Alif security to give him a quote for fire alarm system installation. He also mentioned, that he is looking for a fire alarm company, who can finish the job with in a week. LFMO shut his restaurant temporally for not having a monitored fire alarm system. They need the service ASAP.

Solutions provided:

We acted right away. He didn't had any drawings at all. We went to his business, which is 70 miles away from our Sugar Land office the very next day. We got all the required information from him, and also draw
the floor plan. Gave him the quote, and he agreed!

We submit the plans to LFMO the very next day, got approval in few days. Once getting the approval, finished our installation within two days. We finished the whole job including final fire inspection in seven business days! He was very happy with our job.

No one can get the job done as quick as Alif Security!