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Job completed for Jama Mecca Masjid

Completion date: March 8, 2021

Location: Houston, TX

Why did the customer contact us?

Mr. Ghulam reached us to get an estimate from Alif security for a fire alarm system. They also have sprinkler system over there.

Solutions provided:

We went to the job site for survey. Upon visiting the job site we provided him with our fire alarm quote. They have sprinkler system as well. According to the fire code: even though you have sprinkler system, you have to have a fire alarm system with monitoring service. Someone have to monitor that place 24/7.

We did the planning and pulled permit from Fort Bend County FMO and begun our work. Once done with installation, we had to tie their sprinkler system with our fire alarm panel. Everything went well. Since GC was involved, they had to call for final inspection. We walk with the FM and got approved. We got the job done on time and everyone was happy!

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