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Fire Alarm Annunciator in Houston, TX and Surrounding Areas


The Fire-Lite LCD-80F is a compact, cost-effective, 80-character, backlit LCD Fire Annunciator for use with the MicroScan-9600 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel. The LCD-80F is capable of displaying English-language text of system point status including: device type, independent point alarm, trouble or supervisory, zone and custom alpha labels programmed into the MS-9600.

The LCD-80F also provides system status LEDs to display Power, Fire Alarm, Trouble and Supervisory. The annunciator provides remote control capability of critical system functions, such as Reset, Signal Silence, Acknowledge, and Drill.

Key Features and Benefits

Detailed Display:

  • 80-Character Backlit LCD: Offers clear visibility of system point status.
  • Device Type Identifiers: Shows types of connected devices.
  • Custom Alpha Labels: Allows custom labeling for easy identification.
  • System Status Indicators: LEDs display power, alarm, trouble, supervisory, and alarm silenced status.
  • Time and Date Display: Provides real-time information for accurate monitoring.

Enhanced Control:

  • Remote Control Switches: Enables remote execution of key functions such as Acknowledge, Signal Silence, Drill, and Reset.
  • Plug-in Terminal Blocks: Simplifies installation and maintenance.
  • Local Piezo Sounder: Alerts with alarm and trouble sounds.

Installation Flexibility:

  • No Programming Required: Easy to set up, saving time during system commissioning.
  • Multiple Annunciators: Supports up to 32 LCD-80F units per FACP.
  • Long-Distance Connectivity: Can be installed up to 6,000 feet away from the FACP.
  • Power Options: Can be powered from the host FACP or a remote power supply requiring 24V DC.


  • UL Listed (S232)
  • MEA Listed (72-01-E)
  • CSFM Approved (7120-1574:179)
  • FM Approved

Applications and Usage

The LCD-80F is ideal for use in various settings including commercial buildings, schools, hospitals, and industrial sites. Its user-friendly interface and robust functionalities make it an essential component for comprehensive fire safety systems, ensuring timely and effective responses to fire-related incidents.

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