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Backflow Preventer Testing

Backflow preventers are important when it comes to protecting your business or home’s water source.  It is important to have a professional take care of and regularly test your backflow prevention needs to make sure everything is installed and working as it should.

What IS Backflow?

Backflow happens when the direction of normal water flow reverses.  This can result in contamination of your water and plumbing system. This contamination may include liquid, solids, gas, or a mixture of any of these contaminants. In simple terms, backflow is clean water mixing with dirty water.

Why You Need Backflow Preventer Testing & Services?

To prevent backflow your system should have a backflow preventer installed, this preventer is a mechanical device. Due to the fact that it is a mechanical device, your backflow preventer should be tested at least once a year. In fact, many states have specific guidelines as to how often you need to have your backflow equipment tested.

A backflow test can help prevent your backflow equipment from failing and make sure that it is working correctly. This is done by using the test port that is built into your device. Our technicians have the right equipment to verify that your system is working correctly.

When these tests are completed the water that is downstream of the backflow device will need to be shut off. Our team will make sure that we make an appointment that works for you so that we will not be inconveniencing your business or day-to-day operations.

If we find an issue while we are inspecting your backflow device we will work to fix the problem so that you can be assured that your backflow device is doing its job to keep your water source clean.

Fire Alarm Houston Backflow Preventer Testing Services

Fire Alarm Houston has been working in the Houston, Texas area for over 20 years. We believe in offering the highest quality service and workmanship to ensure your business, staff, and clients stay safe. If you are looking for backflow preventer services including installation, testing, and repairs, contact our team today at 832-626-7837.

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