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Business Security System in Houston

Houston is one of the fastest growing City in the country. Everyday lot of new business are opening in Houston, we have been working hard to protect the business with Fire Alarm System in the Greater Houston area, we are also specialized in Business Security in Houston for last 14 years. We provide proper security solutions to small businesses, warehouses, office building, strip centers, daycare, churces, assisted living facility and more. You have worked very hard to start your new business; let us help you to protect that.

We have been in the Houston area for 14 years and working with small businesses to understand their issues. We have helped business owners to stop burglary, reduce inventory shortage, and increase employee productivity. We will design a system that meets your security needs by providing you latest updated technology. Alif Security is not just a traditional security company, we put the security in your hand, so that you can control and connect to your security all the time, every time from anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection.

Alif Security makes it easier to monitor activities at your business, whether it’s one location or multiple locations, even when you’re not there. With customizable alerts you can instantly see whether the business opened on time, know who disarmed the security system, and even get images sent to your phone if a secure area is accessed.

Alif Security energy management and automation services for businesses help reduce energy waste automatically, and enhance liability control with lighting schedules and triggers. Connecting lights, locks and thermostats to the security system ensures that your business is comfortable when it’s open and safe when it’s closed.

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