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Fire Alarm Systems For Assisted Living Facility

Fire Alarm Systems for Assisted Living Facility 

Why Choose Fire Alarm Houston for your Fire Alarm services?

What is an assisted living center? In its essence, it’s a place that adults trust to take great care of the people who took great care of them. It is a place where nearly everyone is a grandparent, or remembers a war, or a president’s term, and tells you cool stories about how Coca Cola used to be a nickel a bottle. Their long life is now in a permanent vacation phase, playing shuffleboard, knitting, and visiting with each other in common rooms over games of chess and checkers. Assisted living centers try to ensure a comfortable, and more importantly, a safe environment for elder individuals. Some of these patients have special circumstances like difficulty remembering and orienting themselves or may require wheelchair accessibility to all parts of the Assisted Living facility. Fire Alarm Houston takes into consideration all of the above in designing education programs, fire evacuation routes, and installing the best and most appropriate fire alarm technology available.

Old habits can be hard to break. What if one of your patients forgets the rules of no smoking and casually lights up a cigarette indoors? Do you know what kind of smoke detector you have? Do you know if it will be most effective in its class of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Fire Alarm Houston offers only Underwriter’s Limited approved Honeywell brand equipment, including the BG-12 Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Smoke Detector series. The BG-12 series is great for installing CO detectors that will alarm in case of dangerously high levels of CO to provoke people inside to evacuate or ventilate the building. Carbon monoxide poisoning has many severe health reactions and can even lead to death, so it is better to stay on the safe side with Fire Alarm Houston and our sound, sophisticated technology. Smoke Detectors serve the same purpose by identifying high levels of smoke that could harm and irritate the respiratory systems of individuals inside the Assisted Living facility.

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Assisted Living fire alarm system

Recommendations are routine in our business, so we would like to offer the option to assisted living facility operators to look into our Voice EVAC fire alarm system. It is essential in warning large groups of people who may be hard of hearing, hard to gather, and slow to move. This fire alarm (that speaks to the members inside the building to evacuate from a certain exit) is great for assisted living centers, because then the facilitators can spend more time getting patients out in an orderly fashion, while the EVAC alerts them of what is requiring the evacuation. The loud voice that resonates between the beeps of the fire alarm will alert the people of the emergency and then further tell the people their best alternative to move out of harm’s way. This can even improve how well elderly individuals react to remembering the exit routes and emergency evacuation protocol. The proven benefits of the Voice EVAC Fire Alarm System from Fire Alarm Houston have also been translated into the contexts of the church, school, day care, party hall, and other high-occupancy establishments.

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