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Audio Evacuation Systems

Audio Evacuation Systems in Houston

Why Choose Fire Alarm Houston for your Fire Alarm services?

A voice system is more effective in evacuating occupants and will get people out of a structure faster in a real fire emergency. 

Voice EVAC Fire Alarm system becomes very effective for additional emergency specific communication such as tornados, severe weather, earthquake or hazmat incidences and a Voice Evacuation system becomes invaluable to the basic operation of a facility and the safety of its occupants. 

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Application Includes:

Voice EVAC Fire Alarm system
voice EVAC fire alarm system

Churches, retail stores, schools, night clubs, museums, restaurants, libraries. NFPA 101®, the Life Safety Code® mandates voice systems for areas of assembly with 300 or more occupancy. It is also required in high rise structures greater than 75’, typically 7 stories or more.

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