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Fire Escape Plan

Fire Escape Plan in Houston: Making sure that your child is prepared for a fire

Fire Escape Plan

Create A Fire Escape Floor Plan:

  1. Start by drawing a rectangle on a piece of paper. Draw one for each room of your home. Then draw in all doors and windows. Your children can use crayons to draw in beds, tables, etc.
  2. In one color, draw a line that shows the fastest way out of each room. Then, in another color draw another line that shows the second fastest way out.
  3. Now that you have your fire escape plan, make sure that everyone in the family studies it.

Know What To Do In Case Of A Fire:

  1. Pick a meeting place outside of your home where everyone can gather after they have left the burning building.
  2. Hold home fire drills and make them realistic by pretending some exits are blocked by smoke or fire. Hold your drills in the evening since kids can get disoriented in the dark and fires often happen at night.
  3. Make sure everyone knows that once you’re out, stay out! Never go back inside of a burning building.
  4. In case of a fire, get out first, then call the fire department with a portable, cell or neighbor’s phone.

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Fire Escape tips:

  1. Close doors behind you as you escape to slow the spread of fire and smoke.
  2. If you have to escape through smoke, crawl while keeping your head one to two feet above the floor, where the air will be cleanest.
  3. Test doorknobs and spaces around closed doors with the back of your hand. If the door is warm, try another escape route. If it is cool, open it slowly. Slam the door shut if smoke pours through.

Things To Think About:

  1. Make sure babysitters and other caregivers know the escape plan and where to meet.
  2. Can everyone in your home — including children — unlock and open all doors and windows?
  3. If your windows have security bars, equip them with quick-release devices and teach everyone in your household how to use them.
  4. Test your smoke detectors once a month.
  5. Replace Fire Alarm batteries once a year.
  6. Replace any alarm that is more than 10 years old.